We rebranded to wildcloud; formerly known as WPCS. 

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In a nutshell..

About the builder

Tiny Giant Web Solutions offers affordable, professional marketing and website solutions for businesses.

Their key product is a Website as a Service (WaaS), a turnkey eCommerce solution built on the wildcloud platform. The company earns recurring revenue by offering this solution on a subscription basis.

This service caters to businesses seeking a reliable, scalable, and easy-to-manage website, allowing them to concentrate on their core operations.

The benefits of their eCommerce WaaS include cost-effectiveness, professional design, and the ability to focus on their core business rather than website management.

“With wildcloud you can build a profitable SaaS, all without having to be a multi-million dollar enterprise.”

Joost de Valk – Founder
Yoast SEO

About the Product

Tiny Giant Web Solutions’ selection of plugins for their WaaS application represents a comprehensive approach to website creation. The plugins span from design and customization tools to security and SEO enhancements, all designed to deliver a superior product for the end user.

The end product is a highly customizable, secure, and efficient website optimized for search engines. This provides the end user with a professional and effective online presence tailored to their specific business needs and capable of driving growth and success.

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Randy LeJeune Tiny Giant Websites
"Quickly deploy and template and begin designing a new website. It has also centralized the plug-in management, saving hours a week in labor."
Randy J LeJeune – CEO
Tiny Giant Websites

How Tiny Giant is using wildcloud

Tiny Giant Web Solutions has leveraged the features of wildcloud to build and offer their WaaS solution:

Automated Selling

Tiny Giant Web Solutions uses the wildcloud platform to automate the selling process of their websites. The company has built a storefront that interacts with the wildcloud API, allowing for the automated sale and launch of websites. This has enabled the company to compete with platforms like Shopify and Wix in terms of pricing and has even prevented some clients from switching over to such platforms.


The company uses the multi-tenant WordPress feature of wildcloud to manage the workflow of its website development process. This feature allows them to develop and manage thousands of separate WordPress installations in an isolated yet centralized way, resulting in a streamlined and efficient workflow.

Cloud scaling

Using wildcloud, resulted in a double profit on operational costs for Tiny Giant Web Solutions and has allowed them to offer a high-quality service at a competitive price. The company has successfully transformed its business model from project-based to product-based, resulting in less time spent on building and maintaining customer websites, less money spent on hiring employees, and less stress updating.

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