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How to Create Branded Temporary Domains for WaaS Tenants Using WPCS API

As a WaaS provider, you may encounter situations where your tenants do not have their main domain yet or have an old site still pointing to their existing domain. In such cases, it may be beneficial to provide them with a temporary domain that looks more professional and branded than the one generated by the WPCS platform. In this recipe, we will show you how to create tenants with branded temporary domains using the WPCS API.

Setting up Branded Temporary Domains If you sell your product under the domain name my-awesome-product.com, you can create a CNAME record for *.my-awesome-product.com that points to public.eu1.wpcs.io in your DNS provider settings. This allows you to provide your tenants with a temporary domain like acmeinc.my-awesome-product.com, which looks more professional and consistent with your brand.

Configuring the API Calls To provide a unique custom domain name for each tenant, you can use their company name or any other relevant identifier. For example, if a tenant named “John Doe Inc” signs up, you can provide them with the custom domain name johndoeinc.my-awesome-product.com. You can include this custom domain name in your API call as shown below:

POST Request:

"name": "John Doe Inc", 
"customDomainName": "johndoeinc.my-awesome-product.com" 

Once the DNS CNAME record is set up, the custom domain name will be verified quickly, allowing you to communicate a professional and branded URL to your tenants.

Creating branded temporary domains for your WaaS tenants not only looks more professional but also allows you to maintain brand consistency. By following the steps outlined above, you can set up your DNS and API calls to provide your tenants with unique custom domain names that are both professional and temporary.