We rebranded to wildcloud; formerly known as WPCS. 

Create a Storefront that sells websites with simple WP plugins

HOT NEWS: We’ve launched our Storefront feature! You can launch our pre-built WPCS Storefront solution by signing up for free. Follow the article below for setup instructions.

Storefront Demo Application Webinar: #

In this Loom video, we explain how to launch our Demo Website as a Service (WaaS) storefront that sells pre-built sites or a website builder just like Shopify, Wix, and ClickFunnels – in near real-time.

We walk you through the process of creating a storefront and launching an environment that will host your client sites. I also discuss the benefits of having individual WordPress installations for each site while still being able to manage them as a whole.

Also, I highlight the functionality and customization options available on our platform and in the storefront.

Watch the video to learn more. Additionally, check out the Tasks we added in the Loom menu on the right to track your progress!

Bonus: Client Features & Scalable Website Management #

After a site is set up, customers gain easy access through a magic login feature, removing the need to remember login details. An email with their credentials and login link is sent promptly.

Customers enjoy a degree of autonomy, having the ability to set their domain names, which makes for a seamless, low-touch experience. With access to the WP admin, customers can tweak their sites to their liking and switch domain names whenever ready.

In the Console, you can view all your hosted sites and their setup status in the overview section. Please observe that all sites share the same plugins and language files.

You can improve your sites centrally by adding new plugins through the version editor. Upon deploying a fresh snapshot, you incorporate all updates, including the new plugin. This results in concurrent updates to all your sites, laying the groundwork for a secure, centralized development process.

For increased safety, you can create a new version, a sandbox devoid of tenants. This space is ideal for tweaking your product and testing new features risk-free. When you’re ready to roll out new functions to your customers, shift your tenants from the old to the new version.

Should any issues arise, you can swiftly revert the tenants to the older version, enabling a quick rollback of changes. By maintaining multiple versions, you create a secure environment for your websites, with additional space for testing and development.

Remember, this platform is containerized, allowing each of your sites to scale independently, making it an incredibly safe and scalable solution for centralized site management.

Conclusion #

Creating a Website as a Service business is a great way to offer website solutions to customers without needing any coding experience. With the help of WooCommerce, WPCS, and some key plugins, you can create a robust and scalable WaaS platform that can grow with your business. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can set up your own WaaS business in less than an hour, and start collecting recurring payments from your customers every month.