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SSL Bad Certification Warning? How to Avoid It When Adding a Domain with WPCS

“I just verified a Domain “mydomain.co.uk” with WPCS, and I am getting an SSL Bad Certification Warning on every Browser. Can you help me out, please?”

Support: It seems that mydomain.co.uk is a domain that has not been added to the tenant. You need to add every domain that you want your tenant to be available under to the tenant. After you’ve added it to the tenant, the SSL certificate for both domains will be created by our systems.

“Thanks for your help! One last Question. Now that I have my domain connected, do I still need the wpcs.io subdomain (the last one in the pic), or can I safely delete it?”

Support: I’m glad it worked out! As for your other question: that domain cannot be deleted. This is because we use that domain to ensure that your site will always be available under some domain (even if the others fail or are removed).

“Great, thanks! So no SEO issues? ;-)”

Support: Your SEO should be fine 😀

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