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How to upgrade the Version of WordPress

How to upgrade and update the version of WordPress #

One of the most important aspects of running WordPress sites is keeping up with WordPress’ update cycle. Security flaws are fixed, stability is improved and new features are added quite regularly. In this recipe, we’ll explain how to update your product’s WordPress version in a safe and predictable manner.

  1. Go to your product in the WPCS console and create a new version.
  2. Fill out all the details and choose the WordPress version you want to upgrade to.
  3. Submit the form.

The new version is now being created for you. After the version is available, we recommend following a procedure like this:

  1. Create a test tenant under the old version.
  2. Move this tenant to the new version.
  3. Thoroughly test its functionality and confirm the new WordPress version does not break anything.
    1. If you do find any bugs, you can fix them in peace now. Without your customers noticing any downtime or bugs.
  4. After confirming the new WordPress version or fixing the issues you found, set the new version as the Production version.
    1. If you use the WPCS API to create new tenants, they will now be created in the new version.
  5. Move all your tenants to the new version.
  6. If you use any Tenant Snapshots, make sure they are available in the new version.
  7. Make sure the old version is redundant and delete it.

You have now updated WordPress securely and predictably.

NOTE 1 #

We strive to make new WordPress versions available as soon as possible after release. It could take some time after release on our side to make sure you can safely use new versions.

NOTE 2 #

This same procedure should be used when downgrading WordPress. The only difference is you would create the new Version with a lower WordPress version.