Create recurring revenue with WordPress

Start a complete Website as a Service (WaaS) business—free and Zero code required.


In this short demo, Co-founder and CCO, Roger Rosweide, will show you how you can use their free template to launch and automate your WaaS Storefront. 


We hold nothing back: you get the entire storefront (plugins, features, etc.) for free when you sign up.


Next to building the Storefront, he’ll show you the wildcloud infrastructure to manage all your websites as one. You’ll learn why hundreds of companies are using wildcloud to build and scale their WaaS and WordPress SaaS.


You’ll learn how to centralize management and leverage the power of automation to run your WaaS and WordPress-based SaaS on autopilot. 

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“The solution, with THE in big letters, to all your WordPress problems.”

Aron Martinez


In minutes you will have:

1. A WooCommerce Storefront for website subscriptions 

2. Launch multiple subscription plans with varying features

3. Automatic website launch after purchase

4. New websites appear as neat subdomains.

5. Monthly recurring payment collection for your services.

6.  Direct purchase add-ons for customer upsells via their account page.

7. Hassle-free domain connection by customers.

8. Password-less login for customers through the My Account page.

9. A centralized system to manage all customer websites.

“Everything is perfect […]. Your solution is the only one that really improved my time and my costs”

Jorge Santos – Founder & CEO
FreshRules Agency

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Randy LeJeune Tiny Giant Websites
“[...] …We make a double profit, and it’s easy money.”

Randy J LeJeune – CEO
Tiny Giant Web Solutions

Roger Rosweide, CCO &

Roger Rosweide is a co-founder of wildcloud the WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform. If he’s not creating content, helping to figure out what wildcloud is and where it’s going, he’s having a huge bucket of responsibilities dumped on his head daily, while trying to be an awesome co-founder for Wijnand, Dexter, Sybren, and the rest of the team. 

Roger Rosweide – CCO & Co-founder

Storefront to sell
website subscriptions

“There’s a window of opportunity before the world catches on that building recurring revenue with WordPress is possible”

Jorge Santos – Founder & CEO
FreshRules Agency